A fish tale

January 8, 2010

Let’s say you walk into the seafood department of a fancy grocery store and spot some wild-caught lake trout.  And you wonder, briefly, why it’s so much cheaper than any other fish.  But then you engage in witty banter with the seafood guy, who tells you all about the trout’s terroir, and earth-friendly fishing methods, and on and on.  And so you buy a pound.

And then you discover, once you’ve broiled the trout with a balsamic vinegar glaze and some lovely leeks and tomatoes and capers, that it tastes like the Cleveland harbor.  And then you find yourself rapidly shoveling it straight from the baking dish into a plastic bag, which will have to be immediately taken out into the dark and snowy night by your husband.

Should this happen to you, I highly recommend having a back-up.  Some cold pizza from the night before, for instance,  will taste like a French Laundry entree in comparison.