Galatoire’s revisited

November 23, 2009

Dear Galatoire’s

Just hours after we landed in New Orleans and I attended to some Very Important Business, Mr. Onepot and I donned the duds that make us look like a couple of proper young Republicans (yes, your food is good enough to justify even that requirement) and headed straight over.  And there you were, all these years and a hurricane later: still exactly the same, right next to that nudie girl neon sign on the western end of Bourbon St.

Oh, your soft shell crab in its many incarnations: as an appetizer, along some amazing shrimp; on top of a popmano, to make a good thing even better; as an entree, starring as its own lovely self…

Oh, your pumpkin cheesecake! somehow not even remotely related to the tired, predictable version that we typically encounter everywhere  around this time of year…

And then, just as we thought we couldn’t get any happier, you surprised us by combining three of our favorite things: coffee, booze, and fire!  Where has cafe brulot been my whole life?

Many thanks, dear Galatoire’s.  We will keep coming back despite your Republican dress code; we know you don’t mean it.






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