Alinea, one year ago today

November 14, 2009

Dear Slightly Creepy Alinea Waitstaff,

Yes, you: the ones who seemed to know before I did precisely when I would need to pee, and materialized instantly to pull out the table for me.  (?)  The ones who made sure a fresh napkin was waiting for me when I returned.  (What had I done to the other one? Was it that bad?)  You who presented me with smoking pillows, and leaves on fire, and specific instructions regarding the order in which the chef would like me to consume a specific plateful.  You who brought me things like this, over six and a half deliciously exhausting hours:

IMG_0509 IMG_0501 IMG_0515

Thanks, all.  I haven’t forgotten, despite the heavy traffic of scrumptiousness that I’ve been lucky to experience since then.  I will be back as soon as I’m done recovering.

Onepot, who also sometimes sets things on fire

Note to self: have yet to make that burning leaf recipe; seems like the right season.


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