Spinach salad with sunchokes

November 13, 2009


Really, Internet?  You say sunchokes cause grueling episodes of gastrointestinal distress and volcanic gas eruptions?  But look how charmingly quirky and innocent-looking they are!


Ok, I admit: it is a little bizarre that the water in which a sunchoke is steamed ends up looking like this:


But we’re courageous folks, so we soldier on.  We’re going to have a spinach-&-sunchoke salad, toxic-looking liquid and gas rumors be damned!

  • 1 sunchoke (a.k.a. Jerusalem artichoke)
  • 3 fistfuls of spinach leaves
  • 1/4 small red onion
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • glugs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

And we will toss it all together, and we will eat it, and it will be lovely.

And then we will wait.


3 Responses to “Spinach salad with sunchokes”

  1. SarahKate Says:

    That picture of the water looks like mouth-wash! Crazy! What a cool recipe… thanks for cooking with something most of us wouldn’t!

  2. Diana Says:

    We have them growing all around. I heard that they were good for diabetes. I’d like to know how it all comes out. ;(

  3. onepot Says:

    A couple of you have inquired about the, um, outcome. I’m pleased to report that I experienced absolutely no side-effects. On the other hand, my husband begs to differ and claims that even those few mouthfuls were enough to cause a day’s worth of intestinal turmoil. So, I suppose, the verdict is mixed.

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